Homecoming 10/6/08
Homecoming is about one of the biggest things for freshman b/c it is one of the 2 dances you can go to, at least for my school that is, especially for girls. One stressful thing is the dress. The dress has to fit perfect look cut be the right color match your shoes and it cant be the same as anyone else. The next stressful thing is the date because you don’t want to be the only one with or without a date. Also you sometimes don’t want to be tied to one guy but then again who wants to admit that you weren’t asked, how nerve racking, then if you do say yes you dot want the guy and you to have the wrong idea of each other like he might really like you but you might want to only go as friends or he might want to go as friends but you really like him. Well I am going through that now. At first I wanted to get asked by this guy we will call him matt but he asked my friend next I wanted this guy and we will call him Mark to ask me but he asked my other friend and finally I wanted Jon to ask me. My friend told me that Jon might ask me and my other friend told me that Blake was going to ask me so I was excited. Well I really didn’t like Blake or at least I didn’t think I did. Then at 5th quarter Blake was supposed to ask me but my friend talk him out of it. Well she did and it got really awkward he started talking to me less and kind of ignored me so I started freaking out. When I got home I sent him a casual text saying hey. When he didn’t respond I felt horrible and realized that liked him a lot. That morning I got a text asking me when my brothers game was and it ended up we were playing his brother when I got there I went and sat down on the right center part of the bleachers and he was on the far left side and I said nothing when the game was over I ran into him at the bottom of the bleachers and we hugged and talked and I felt much better the whole day I flirted with him through text, which is really easy, when I got to school I didn’t know if he was still going to ask me it turned out not but I still wanted to go with Jon. And then I found out that Jon already had a date I completely ruined my day to think that I gave up going with Blake to go with no one how stupid. When I got home and looked at my cell there was a message from Blake that said hey and we started talking and I though maybe he would ask me I asked my friend that if Blake asked me if I should say yes and I was like this is a really big if and she was I will talk to him to find out well it turns out he is and also when she told me this I got a tingly feeling all over and I knew I liked him.
i dont know anything anymore i dont know who do like what to do and how to act i give up. well i did get my backhand spring today so now my coach will be on top of me to get it perfect so thats the one negative i ordered my dress and it is so pretty it willl get here in 12 days so yeah. (its the picture on the right) tomorrow i go to the movies with lexie and the next to a party for cassie which is weird see our grade is split and i jump from one side to the other. so one day i am on this side and the next the other.but owell. i have tons of hw and i have to get ready for the peprally and i have like a million things todo. tmorrow is the memorial homecoming and on saturday i am going over to see her dress and to help her get dressed so i am supper excited this weekend i have to write  speech and i so on and so on. have you ever wished you were someone else b/c of what someone has well i have and right now expecially b/c every guy i like turns around and ask someone else well im still dateless still hopeless and still praying for a miracle but we will have to wait and see. well gtg do hw ttyl bye
Well now I don't know you know how I said that he was going to ask me well he hasn't I know its only been a day but I though he would have asked me. Why is homecoming so stressful? Also he still hasn't said one word to me all day except when I said sry b/c I bumped into him and he said it was ok and when we all got ice cream in the crawl he told I should go get some stimulating conversation right? Well today was a pretty bad day. My Spanish teacher didn't shut up once. Next I wasn’t aloud to got to lunch b/c instead I had to go to a musical meeting which sucked b/c I was going to sit by Blake and my friend. Then in biology I pretty much failed my test and in bible I had to watch a boring movie. Today I also had cheer privates were she decided to stretch me and like pushing me farther into the splits and pulling my legs back and all that painful stuff and I still hurt. So today was really bad day and now I have piles of homework that I don’t want to do so Tata for now
Let me explain ok so Blake was supposed to ask me then Hannah talked him out of it b/c someone else was asking me. Also after the game during 5th quarter when Hannah told him he started ignoring me and I kind of freaked out. Then at my brothers game we were playing his brother we talked and I figured every thing was fine. Then the other person didn’t ask me and also during the weekend I kind of realized I didn’t want to say yes to the other person and would have rather say yes to Blake not that I like him or anything I would rather go with a friend, although I do like him but know one need to know that. So I told Hannah and Lexie and Lexie talked to him and he said he was going to ask me. Now he has been extra weird around me. Like normally he makes fun of me and stuff like that b/c of were I went to school and like we would like go back in forth about stupid stuff no big deal, and yesterday and today he hasn’t said one word to me, unless I start the conversation and that has been lasting 5 seconds. I was like ok what happened also like he was talking to me and just walked off. I was like ouch. But maybe he is being shy or something because he said the sweetest thing to me today and the other day. Ok well I showed him my dress b/c I found it while talking to him and he was ok and in the middle of are conversation like completely random he goes by the way your dress is really pretty. Today I was talking to him and I was like save me. Because I was ichatting with Brian and he was like what is he doing and I was like he is singing and all this stuff and he was singing and then I was like sadly and he goes I wish I could ichat with you.
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